GMC TV celebrates Easter with amazing programming

from the greatest stories of the Bible

GMC TV celebrates Easter with amazing programming dedicated to the greatest stories of the Bible.  Gather the family and enjoy a week of Bible movies including Mary, Mother of JesusJeremiahThe 10 Commandments, Solomon, and  the mini-series “Jesus” airing Good Friday night, March 29th.  On March 30th & 31st “The Carpenter’s Miracle” will also be a part ofgmc’s “Miraculous March” programming event.  GMC TV can be found on DIRECTV Ch 338, DISH Ch 188, and local cable. GMC TV is a national cable channel dedicated to providing uplifting entertainment that is faith and family-friendly.  www.watchgmctv.com.


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Welcome to UGA International

Welcome to UGA International - A professional association with a focus on Inspirational Lifestyle, Culture, Arts, Entertainment and Music.  We are now celebrating our ninth year in operation.

If you have not already done so, please connect your faith, voice, and energy with ours and  click the "Join Now For Free" button or browse our varied "Memberships" levels to help grow this revolutionizing movement.  It takes all of us together working in concert towards a common goals.

UGAI is a promising brand in an emerging industry -- Urban Gospel/Inspirational Music. UGAI seeks to expand and grow the professional practice of Urban Gospel/Inspirational Art, Music, Entertainment, and Media.  We are so excited by all that God has in store for this organization as well as this industry. This website is the first stop on your journey to experience a new and exciting way to live an inspired life WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

We intend to convey a sense of novelty and uniqueness to the way we commune with our audience and the mainstream culture located just outside the borders not created by us.

We reiterate our commitment to building the Kingdom of God, by focusing on a renewed approach to quality of life and restoring faith to those in a backslidden state. We invite you to join our efforts to make God’s name great in music and entertainment, taking back territory God intended for His children to occupy and do business in until Christ's Return.

Whether you are a professional artist, executive, ministry leader, extreme fan or supporter; you can call this place home.  Check out our various membership levels designed to fit all lovers of Urban Gospel/Inspirational Entertainment.  From Comedy, Jazz, Graffiti, Hip Hop, R&G, Neo-Soul, Fine/Visual Arts, Film, Television, and Theater enthusiasts, we provide lifestyle content to upscale urban consumers seeking culturally relevant preferences that align with their tastes.

Be sure to sign up for our National e-Newsletter (plus 9 other smaller format specific e-Newsletters focusing on all our musical formats and varied divisions) which are intended to be informative, newsworthy, engaging, and valuable to you--the reader. We encourage (and actually want) your feedback and interaction. 

Thank you again for visiting.  Come back often and share with your friend.  You can also support us through our varied social media platforms (Links are located in the top right-hand corner of this page).

Common-Unity Fund


UGA International ‘Common-Unity’ Fund

Urban Gospel Alliance International recognizes the many needs of the Body of Christ.  Therefore, we have constructed a way in which to address some of these needs within the confines of our sphere of influence.

‘Common-Unity’ is our way of exemplifying the life of Jesus Christ while simultaneously impacting the world.  ‘Common-Unity’ is our unique approach to community thinking, application, and service. 

UGA International understands the many plights of the Urban Gospel Industry and seeks to close the gaps that exist as barriers to our mission to spread the Gospel.  ‘Common-Unity’ will receive its initial funding from 10% of all UGAI membership fees and be managed by our independent accounting firm, Alegna Financial Management.  Additionally, we hope to receive funding from public donations.

The fund will primarily go to finance the structuring, planning, marketing, promotion, and advertising of some of our industries most anointed, talented, and prepared artists/ministries.  Secondary to this purpose is to provide assistance to Christian related community outreach functions championed by UGAI Community Improvement Corporation (CIC, pronounced "kick"). 

A third, and very limited, function of this fund will go to provide temporary support to artists, ministries, or individual in need of temporary funds to provide food, basic shelter, and gasoline needs of families in dire or emergency circumstances. 

The real foundational truth about 'Common-Unity' is that it is based upon a community having all things in Common and deciding to be Unified in supporting one another.  Those individuals, ministries, or families in need of an application* for funds, send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please consider donating to the fund so that our community lacks no good thing.

Click the "Donation" link below NOW to contribute!



*Applications selected by committee to be funded will be decided based upon priority, need, resources available, and funds available. 


What's New in The Alliance

Rhymes And Runway-A Fashion Experience

"Rhymes & Runway" features some of the hottest fashion designers and artists repin' the Kingdom and blazin' the runway. In its first year the show featured artists from various genres of Urban Gospel music...



(Spiritual Perspective In Today’s Text-ology)

As told by The ‘Un’Official Urban Gospel Chaplain-Mark Johnson.

17 “Those who built on the wall, and those who carried burdens, loaded themselves so that with one hand they worked at construction, and with the other held a weapon. 18 Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built. And the one who sounded the trumpet was beside me.” ~ Nehemiah 4:17-18


Industry News

UGA International is a professional association serving Urban Gospel/Christian independent artists, professionals, other stakeholders, and supporters. UGAI seeks to establish industry standards; enhance and educate on professional practice; and engage public interest within a social context and environment for the expansion of the Word of God.


Now Accepting Donations for our Scholarship Fund 

UGA International Community Improvement Corporation (UGAI CIC) www.ugaicic.org, is a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) initiative concerned with “Redefining Ghetto Fabulous” (yes, that's right, you read that correctly).  Utilizing the tools of music, and arts/entertainment related programming and services, UGAI CIC (pronounced kick) is most concerned with strengthening, empowering, and improving the quality of life for individuals and families of urban communities. UGAI CIC will provide:

  • Scholarships to students aspiring to be Urban Gospel Professionals
  • Economic Empowerment for struggling households and neighborhoods
  • Technology Workshops/Seminars & Supports
  • Much more

To make a donation to our scholarship fund, visit www.ugaicic.org/Page_5.html

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Advisors, please send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Visit UGA International Community Improvement Corporation (CIC, pronounced kick) at www.ugaicic.org.

Featured Artist


TolumiDE (pronounced toe-lu-mee-day) is one of the newest artists to embrace the Urban Soul genre. SEE MORE>

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